What you listen to, we make it with care!

Wide Lounge is a refined container of emotions!
His sounds are an excellent mix that ranges from the most classic and minimal lounge music, moving through all the intermediate genres in the area (chillout, meta-chill, electro-zen etc.) up to new age professional productions, created specifically for the meditation schools and oriental philosophical disciplines. All works are characterized by clean and slow beats, including folk, ethnic but nevertheless futuristic elements. It seems a direct inspiration of nature and human folk songs, suspended in time and space.

SPAs Customization

Wide Lounge offers customized audio products for wellness centers worldwide. Customizations can be requested by filling out our online form.

Large Supplies

Wide Lounge provides professional equipment & audio content streaming for background music in shopping malls, hotels and shops.

Graphic Consistency

Wide Lounge also provides for the creation and design of any kind of customized artwork, for each type of media chosen (Digital Release, physical CD, Vinyl and various installations).

Essential Wideness


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To request custom audio creations, please contact the Content Management.
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